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A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates - Phone 212-532-5355

Welcome to A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates

A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates is a

leader in the field of dermatology providing

advanced therapeutic and cosmetic skin care

treatments for our patients throughout the area.

Medical ~ Surgical ~ Cosmetic Disorders Of Skin,

Hair & Nails You don't have to suffer the social

and psychological effects of disorder of the hair,

nails or skin anymore.


A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates offers

services for: Dermatologic Surgery Laser Surgery

Acne, Moles & Warts Hair Loss Spider Veins Skin Cancer Psoriasis & Eczema Cosmetic Dermatology We specialize in adult and pediatric dermatology and are university affiliated board certified dermatologists. Trust our physicians to provide expertise that will have you feeling confident and looking your best. If you have a problem, our warm, caring staff will take the time to explain the various treatment options. We'll help guide your decision process by answering questions or concerns.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ, its first line of defense from external threats, and the outward reflection of your inner health. The presence of dermatologic disorders can often be an indication of related conditions affecting other organs or nutritional deficiencies. 


Healthy skin also has tremendous regenerative powers and at

A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates we focus on diagnosing the cause of skin disorders and providing procedures and therapies to facilitate that natural healing ability.

Even healthy skin is susceptible to environmental effects and aging that can impact our self image. A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates provides the latest non-surgical cosmetic skin care services to help your skin retain or recapture its healthy glow and get you looking and feeling your best. 

Please call us at 212-532-5355 to schedule your initial consultation and skin analysis and let the skin care specialists at A Murray Hill Dermatology Associates get you on the road to healthier, younger looking skin today.





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